Dear Colleagues,

We are glad to invite you to our Workshop that will take place between 26th February and 3rd March 2018 in Fiskebäckskil, Sweden.

Traditionally parental care has been studied as a product of natural selection, and hence separated from sexual selection. In his seminal work, Trivers (1972) provided the first theoretical framework relating sexual selection and parental investment. Ever since, both theoreticians and empiricists have been developing the field with new discoveries and proposing new directions for understanding the ecological and evolutionary interaction between parental and reproductive behaviors. Nevertheless, inherent assumptions about trade-offs between parental and mating efforts, high costs associated with parental care, and mate choice patterns are still evoked, although it is now recognized that male and female decisions are complex and sensitive to such simplifying assumptions. Therefore, to improve our understanding of the co-evolution between parental care and reproductive traits, researchers should investigate how sex differences may arise, instead of immediately assuming such differences a priori.


We aim to bring together evolutionary biologists and behavioral ecologists interested in different aspects of the interplay between parental care and sexual selection. The main goal is to provide a relaxed atmosphere where researchers with diverse backgrounds, at different career stages, and that use different approaches (from theoretical models to empirical data in a great variety of organisms) can exchange ideas, discuss in details the recent developments in the field, and propose future directions. We believe that addressing the complexity of the interaction between parental care and sexual selection from multiple viewpoints has a great potential to optimize chances for breakthrough ideas.


Organizing Committee

Gustavo S. Requena

Postdoctoral Fellow – Universidade de São Paulo


Charlotta Kvarnemo

Professor – University of Gothenburg


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